About Us

From a Start-Up dedicated to building niche social networks in Hong Kong, we grew into helping other Start-Ups build their product through our team of developers in Manila.

Founded 2010

Originally named LWF Ltd, our company was founded in 2010 by Frenchman Jean Labignette with the goal to develop vertical social networks. We settled in Cyberport, a co-working space for Digital Start-Ups in Hong Kong, and worked on developing a social networking platform for food lovers.

Millions of Visitors

Our food lover social network quickly grew to reach 2 million visitors by 2010 and then 5 million by 2013.
More traffic, more features, complete re-design: we worked with freelance developers in the Philippines to cope with the additional workload.

A Development Team in the Philippines

As we grew, we built a fully fledged team in Manila and acquired lots of experience in advanced cloud infra, DevOps, test automation and mobile application development. We started helping other start-ups develop their Minimum Viable Product and eventually became a software outsourcing company.


As it currently stands, we have developed complex, long-term projects for e-banking, health services, marketplaces and telecom companies. From refining the specifications to setting up best-in-class DevOps pipelines and cloud infrastructure, we support you to make your project a success.